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About The Summit

Routine annual gathering for FIABCI members to discuss real estate issues and the opportunity to create business partnership between its members. In 2018, GBS will be held in Bali-Indonesia.

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FIABCI has global meeting cycles annually. One is the world congress and the other is the business summit. This year the world congress took place in Dubai, United Arab Emirates and the business summit will take place in Bali on 5-8 December 2018.

For the first time, the business summit is organized outside Europe. Bali, Indonesia is now privileged to be the co-host of this global summit. It is a viable platform for FIABCI to mark its presence in the world’s most promising emerging real estate market and Asia Pacific economies which represent almost half of the world trade.

Over and beyond Indonesia’s economic wonders, it is also the hub of ASEAN region with 600 million people strong and over 300 million millennials and rising middle income.

ASEAN and Asia Pacific are a must in global development radars including property and real estate industries.

It is a well positioned geographic location to hold this event and reap maximum benefits from the quality of participants, speakers and thought leaders.



International Tourism Development
Affordable Housing

 Indonesia with its vast and diverse geographic potential and natural wonders is also a paradise for tourists and visitors alike. Indonesia is now building tourism destinations beyond Bali. It is known as 10 new Balis. Investment opportunities are still widely available. The summit will discuss the opportunities in reaping the government’s vision to create a million affordable houses for this 4th most populous country in the world.


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