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Unleashing business opportunities in ten new Balis Tourism Destinations and under supplied housing markets in Indonesia

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Overview of Indonesia in real estate business perspective

According to a study by World Bank and Price Waterhouse, Indonesia is set and well positioned to become the world’s top five economy by 2030.

What has Indonesia done right?

From Asian financial crisis in 1997 until the first decade of the 3rd millennium, the country manage to rebound and became the 3rd largest democracy and defuse economic catastrophe which has hindered global economy continuously since the Asian Financial Crisis.

Indonesia maintained relatively stable political and social coherence and has since 3 years ago enjoyed a triple BBB plus investment rating.


In the last 4 years during President Jokowi’s administration, Indonesia has spent over USD 100 billion in infrastructure development, which directly affects property markets in terms of new cities, special economic zones, and tourism development.

It is now growing over 5% annually and is home of over 40 million middle income who are seeking new houses and life styles purchases.

The latest statistic about housing needs recorded approximately 14 million backlogs. This is obviously an opportunity to be explored and materialized.

Investment is needed in this young country with over 220 million of its people is under 35 years of age. It is a fast growing and lucrative market. Its sheer market size alone is economically viable.

Opportunity and modalities

Indonesia and Its 260 million people will become over 300 million by 2030. It is a growth centre in ASEAN region and geographically strategic to connect east and west in southern and northern hemisphere. Our oceans and land mass is rich in bio diversity and is an ideal habitat to become nests of eco friendly housing and property estates.

Since Jokowi’s administration, no other regime has relaxed so many regulation that hamper business in this country including reducing red tapes and bureaucratic mazes that cost the business dearly. Its fight against corruption is also notable. Indonesia puts top public officials behind bars more than any other country in the world. This means that the country is on track to fulfil Good Governance principles.

OECD reported that Indonesian government earned the highest public confidence, which eventually formed public trust.

In tourism sectors, Indonesia has planned and some projects are already in the pipelines to create Ten New Balis; these projects maybe in the form of destination sites, resorts, special economic zones or even new cities This is made feasible by rapid and rigorous infrastructure development.

You will meet top 50 Indonesian property owners, CEOs, developers and their networks in special business forum for frank and candid business discussions to produce fruitful outcome.

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About The Summit

The summit is a part of FIABCI’s annual meeting cycles, and this year in Bali an in depth discussion about maximizing Indonesian business potentials in development of International Tourism Development and Affordable Housing will take main stage complimenting over USD100 billion government’s pledge on infrastructure development.

International Tourism Development

The country’s diverse and vast geographic and natural habitat still undiscovered, endless opportunities for investment and lucrative returns await you

Affordable Housing

FIABCI continuously aims at promoting Affordable Housing as the forefront of FIABCI’s role in UN Habitat and Economy Social Council. Indonesia has set a goal of achieving One Million Affordable Housings and is a part of fullfiling the 14 million housing backlog.

Investor Forum

Money talks! Discussing opportunities and risks to reap maximum ROI in the affordable housing and tourism development sectors.

B2B Meeting / Projects in The Pipeline

Setting a mutual and forward looking agenda to materialize discussions into business actions and directions by top global and national real estate players.

Foreign Ownership Clinic

Harvesting partnership between public and private sectors in creating legal certainties for investment and attractive equity schemes for foreign investors will be offered on mutually beneficial manner.

Program Overview

The four days summit, will be filled with business and leisure programs to foster networking and memorable experience.

The planned programs are as follows:


  • Education Program
  • Seminars :
    • International Tourism Development
    • Affordable Housing
  • Investment Forum
  • B2B Meeting / Projects in The Pipeline
  • Foreign Ownership Clinic
  • Cultural Visit (Pre-registered)
  • Young Member Program (Pre-registered)
  • Trade Exhibition
  • REI Excellence Awards


  • Golf Round
  • Gala Dinner
  • Accompanying Person Program
  • Farewell Cocktail
  • Post Tours (Optional – additional charge)
    • Bali by Choice
      • Discover The Culture
      • Temple Experience
      • Exotic Highlight
      • Mystical Bali
      • Art & Culture
    • Beyond Bali
      • Yogyakarta and The Borobudur Temple
      • Toba and The Samosir Island
      • Tana Toraja
      • Raja Ampat

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